Sales tip for the week of February 13, 2017

February 13 Short Attention Sales Tip

Note: The following was transcribed using a voice recognition software program. It’s easier for me than typing BUT it might result in some grammatical errors. If you come across one that I may have missed in editing, sound it out phonetically. It might make sense. I’ve changed the format of these tips. They are best viewed, but if you can’t or don’t want to, I will continue to make these written notes available.

Bill Farquharson


“Let’s Start from the Very Beginning. Very Good Place to Start.”

Good morning and welcome. Today marks the first of the new sales tip format. As I mentioned last week, I have spent a lot of time rethinking how these ideas are presented. I get into a lot of great conversations during the week and not all of them lend themselves to tips or blogs or columns and I wanted another outlet.

I created a sample and sent it out to a few people and here’s the feedback that I got:

  • First, don’t call a podcast. Podcasts are long and often boring. Keep it short and I will listen;
  • Second, did I mention that I want them to be kept short? The sample that you sent me was six minutes long. I don’t have that kind of time. Give it to me in two and I will listen;
  • And finally, get some input from your audience and have them come up with the topics for discussion.

So, this is how the going to work: I will keep this information sales-related and will base it on both the customer conversations that I have and anything you all want to talk about. As for the length, what I’m going to try initially is to give you the essence, the bullet points if you will, of the point that I’m trying to make quickly and upfront. The short attention span crowd can sign off at that point. But then, I’m going to circle back and go into greater detail. If you’ve got time and interest, keep listening.

One final difference that you might notice: These new tips will be unscripted. Did you ever notice that there were no hesitations or verbal errors in the “old” tip format, including this one? Well, if you go back and look again, see if you can notice the earbud that was in my left ear. The tips were perfect because I wrote them out, recorded them in GarageBand (and Apple recording software), ran a wire up my back and a tiny earpiece in my left ear. I did record and then play and whatever came in my ear came out my mouth. Didn’t know that, did you?

Okay, let’s get going…

This being my first Short Attention Span sales tip, I feel as though I must begin my comments the same way I begin many of my presentations: By stating what is become the foundation of my training philosophy and the answer to the question, “Why aren’t you selling more?”

Sales is a function of four key components:

  1. A well researched, high value sales call…
  2. … To the right target market…
  3. … Using a prospecting process…
  4. … Applied with diligence and pleasant persistency.

Whether you ask that question today, tomorrow, one year from now, or five years down the road, the answer— your answer— is found within one or more of those four components.

So, ask yourself for questions:

  1. “Do I like what I have to say when I call on a prospect?”
  2. “Am I calling on the right kinds of companies and people within those companies?”
  3. “Do I have a step-by-step, week by week process?”
  4. “Am I applying that process diligently?”

Trust me on this: if your answers to those questions are yes, yes, yes, and yes, your success is inevitable.


You can’t see the sales needle moving but it’s moving. The sales activities that you put in on a daily basis will pay off. This is a key sales fundamental. It was true in 1982 when I started selling. It’s true today. It will be true tomorrow.


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